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Presented by Polina Rikoun, Ph.D., Wellness Coach, Founder of Breathe And Be Well
The "Empathy Burnout" Solution
How my highly sensitive clients protect themselves from burnout and regain their vitality, confidence, and joy...
even while working long hours in stressful jobs!
FREE Online Workshop
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In this FREE, 75-minute workshop you’ll discover:
  • ​7 signs of empathy burnout that everyone should know, and learn to recognize
  • What makes empathy burnout different from depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue… and how to know the difference! 
  • The truth about self-care that saves time and money… that most people (even most wellness professionals!) don't know about
  • ​The reason why the burned-out brain cannot get rested or have fun, and how to change that
  • ​Why fighting bad habits in burnout only makes them stronger and makes burnout worse… and a sneaky way to outsmart them
  • 3 simple brain hacks my clients use to transform burnout into shine, without guzzling coffee, cutting down their work hours, or going on leaves of absence
  • ​And more!
About your host
Hi, I am Polina Rikoun, the creator of "The Empathy Burnout Solution."  I help highly motivated, sensitive clients — who often work in helping professions — to defeat burnout, fall back in love with their work, excel at it like never before, and enjoy vibrant, fulfilling lives.

But things were not always this way.  I used to suffer from empathy burnout for almost a decade, without knowing I had it… or even that it was a “thing"!

I made the mistake of thinking I had all sorts of other problems—depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue...   I had tried everything under the sun to feel better, but nothing worked.  This misery went on until I had a life-changing moment—I will tell you about it in this training!  It opened my eyes to what the problem really was, and how to fix it.

I got a huge boost of hope, and started experimenting with all sorts of different approaches…. It took a lot of trial and error — about 5 years! — but I figured it out, and put together a system that gave me back my smile, my confidence, and all the energy I needed to excel at work and enjoy my friends, my family, and my life! 

I knew I had created something special, that many people desperately needed… So I started sharing my system with others. I was overjoyed to see that it worked even better for my clients than it had originally worked for me, because I had fine-tuned all the details, and got my system to run like well-oiled clockwork.  

And now, I am super excited to share it with you.  Click the REGISTER NOW button, and let's get started!
If you want to leap out of bed every morning, because you are so excited to get to work and see who you can help today, then this FREE workshop is for you!

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